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Survival Gear Systems, Survive a Winter Storm

If you live in a climate where winter takes over, you know how important it is to be prepared for a winter storm. They can strike at any minute, and can even leave you stuck inside for days on end. Here are three must-have things you should have in your home survival gear supply emergency kit to be ready for a winter storm.

A Way to Stay Warm

If you lose power to your home in the winter, it can get cold fast. It is important for blizzard survival to have a way to stay warm. This could mean having a wood burning fireplace in your home. Make sure you have plenty of wood chopped and ready to go ahead of time so that when you lose power to your normal heating source, you can start a fire right away in your fireplace. It is also important to have warm clothes available among your other survival supplies. Having a fireplace or alternative heat source typically cannot heat your home the way a traditional furnace can, so keeping warm by layering clothes can be extremely helpful.

Food and Water Supplies

Your survival gear options should certainly include a way to stay hydrated and fed while you're snowed into your house. Especially if your pipes freeze, you will have very limited access to water if you don't make sure you're fully stocked in case of an emergency. As soon as you hear a winter storm warning, it is critical to get out to the grocery store and stock up your kitchen with food. Leaving your home during a storm to get food is not safe, and probably isn't possible. Grocery stores typically run out of food quickly and do not restock until after the storm is over because the delivery trucks cannot physically ship goods.


Emergency Kit Supplies

Your survival gear should include an emergency kit. It should be stocked with things like flashlights, batteries, water bottles, medicine, and candles. Other things like a backup generator can be extremely beneficial for tasks like cooking or powering your plumbing structures so your basement doesn't flood and your pipes don't freeze.

All of these things play a very crucial role in survival when you and your family are stuck inside during a winter storm. Make sure you stock up on all of these items for your survival gear kits the next time you hear a winter storm is coming.

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