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Being sick can throw off your whole week at work and in your personal life. All of your plans for that big hike up a mountain and those eight assignments due today will have to be put on hold so you can recover from your illness. While your body is recovering, however, you can be proactive in learning new survival skills by kicking back with some inspirational survival movies and TV shows. Here are just a few examples.

The Ultimate Sickday Survival Movie and Show List

  1. The Road

    Based on the acclaimed novel by Cormac McCarthy, this film follows a father and son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland struggling to get by. 

  2. Survivorman

    If you want to see a wide range of different types of survival gear and emergency supplies, this show is for you. Les Stroud goes into different wildernesses (arctic, desert, forest, etc.) with little in the way of food, water, or shelter, and shows what’s necessary to survive, showcasing different simple survival supplies each time. 

  3. Into The Wild

    This movie is based on the true story of a college graduate who donated all of his money to charity upon graduation, hit the road, survived off the land and the kindness of others, and eventually wound up in Alaska. If you like transcendentalism, you’ll love this. 

  4. Cast Away

    This famed Tom Hanks film places a FedEx employee in the classic desert island survival situation following a plane crash. 

  5. Eight Below

    Antarctic explorers face the hard decision to leave their sled dogs behind and attempt winter survival in the most barren of places.

  6. Dual Survival

    Two different survivalists, one a barefooted desert dweller, the other an ex-military modernist, go out into different terrains and tackle survival together. Both bring different types of survival gear and skills to the table, often leading to conflict. 

 You Can Still Prepare for your Survival From Bed

Even if you’re bedridden and can’t be out in the wild, you can still learn new skills and discover new survival supplies that can help you in the future. Relax, take it easy, and learn everything you can about nature and survival. When you are feeling better, you can approach your next big adventure with even more confidence.

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