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Gadsden Enhanced War Belt


The Gadsden Dynamics Enhanced War Belt is truly innovative and one of a kind! Designed in collaboration with Justin Vititoe from Rockcastle Shooting Center, we combined our War Belt design with the elastic mag retention concept we provide with the U.P. Chest Rig to make the ultimate lightweight battle belt with integrated mag pouches!



We specifically designed this product for the prepared civilian aspiring to have an ultra-lightweight, low profile war belt without compromising durability and providing maximum security of his/her loadout against the body. Our Enhanced War Belt uses a special grip-material lining that holds your gear close to the body with no shifting or rotating. Four looplocs are added around the perimeter for securing a harness. Ours is a thinner battle belt than others, which aids in reducing all the bulk of around the waist. A thick but smooth webbing material runs through the entire belt which then connects to the buckles providing maximum strength. Mobility is of key importance to any operator and this is an ideal choice for all – civilian and military.

  • We offer this product in Coyote Brown, Foliage, Multicam, and Black (more colors / patterns available upon request)
  • The following sizes are available:
    • Small: 32″ – 36″
    • Medium: 36″ – 40″
    • Large: 40″ to 44″
    • X-Large: 44″ – 48″
  • Our War Belt is offered with two options for buckles:
    • 1.5″ ITW Nexus Plastic Buckle
    • 1.5″ AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (NOTE: AustriAlpin products are NOT Made in the USA, however they are well regarded as of the highest quality)
  • You can choose between: 2x 5.56 Rifle / 1 Pistol and 1x 5.56 Rifle, 2x Pistol
  • You can choose which side you want the mag pouches on (right or left)
    • NOTE: If you are RIGHT handed, you would want to order mag pouches to be placed on the LEFT side and vice versa. 
    • Pistol mag pouches will always be in front of rifle mag pouches unless requested otherwise

NOTE: Our gear is made to order. Depending on order volumes, it may take longer than our standard 2-4 business days for your order to ship. Thank you for understanding, and know that our gear is assuredly worth the wait!


Gadsden Enhanced War Belt



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