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Tepui Car & Truck Top Tents

Car Tent and Truck Top Tents

A car tent and Truck top tents are designed to be set up in a pickup truck, SUV, or a car. The concept of a tent was invented in 1990 by Roman Napieraj, founder of Napier Enterprises. ...For the past many years, hikers and campers had been constructing a roof top tent and car top tent from conventional tents. However, the roof top tent provides the experience of camping outdoors with the added protection and comfort of sleeping off the ground. Whether you’re on vacation or on a few holidays, a car top tent and sleeping bags are essential to have with you all the time. As we know life is unpredictable, always prepare yourself for any kind of disaster or emergency.

There are different types & qualities of camping tent, some are hard shell tent, and some are made of pure polyester, etc. They are similar in look and function to a roof top tent and sport utility vehicle (SUV) truck roof tent. The limitations of using a car tent and truck top tents are that the campsite is limited to where the car or truck can go. Going on an adventure with a camping tent is a growing movement among less extreme campers that still enjoy the outdoor resorts. According to a recent study on lifestyle, family campers seem to value truck roof tents or SUV tents because they provide better protection during mild weather such as getting wet during heavy rainfall, supply an instant and portable campsite survival kit, and allow for increased packing space.

Let’s discuss, how these car tents and truck top tents are utilized. The tents are rigged to hook up to a truck or car bed. However, most truck tents are designed by keeping a particular type of truck or SUV in mind, or a vehicle with certain features such as dropgates, liftgates, camper tops, short beds, or long beds, etc. The survival tents either hook in or strap into several locations around the car or truck. The initial set up may take some time to assemble. But later on, it becomes easy and simple after one or two attempts of assembling a tent. Once the tent is fitted to a specific car or truck, setting up is as easy as setting up the traditional roof top tent. Many hikers or campers, choose to put a mattress in a camping tent for more comfortable experience during an adventure. These mattresses are considered as sleeping bags, which are available in various sizes to fit in all trucks and cars.

There is another type of truck tent which is umbrella-shaped. It can be used either as a truck cover or as a tent, when taken off the vehicle. Such truck tents feature remote control and can be set up automatically, according to your desire. They feature a metal framework which makes such tents wind and storm resistant. International quality standards for car tent and truck top tents require the usage of the following materials for the tents, as well as for the other kinds of camping tents like PU 68D polyester, 68D breathable polyester, etc. In order to meet the American and Canada CPAI-84 tents regulations, all polyester fabrics used for sleeping bags and vehicle tents manufacturing has to meet the fire and storm resistance standards.

The shape and design of tents, however, are not restricted by the survival standards, as well as the modern manufacturing techniques and materials used for straps and stitches. Normally, in hard shell tent or truck tents feature tape sealed seams for water installation and environmental protection. The poles are made of aluminium alloy, steel or shock-corded fibreglass. Straps are polypropylene ropes of the diameter that’s convenient for installation and easy to assemble.

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