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Water Filtration & Storage

Water Filter and Storage

Packing your essential stuff for going on an adventure and not taking water filter and storage is not a smart move if you ask me! As life is unpredictable, a person should always be prepared for any kind of disaster or emergency situation. ...Why water filter is essential to pack with your essential survival gears? Well, a water filtration system can help you, supply plenty of water, so that you don’t get dehydrated. Staying hydrated is vital for the body’s proper cell and organ function, the stability of body temperature, and mental clarity.

During a shortage of pure water, the effects of even mild dehydration could result in confusion, in short, things that could derail your efforts well prior to organs shutting down at any moment. However, always ensure your water is purified by water purifier, to the best of your ability, keeping all bacteria’s and viruses out of your body. One water bottle is not enough for a journey, and even if you take portable water tanks with you, always remember to take a water filter and storage system with you!

Create a list of essential water purifier and water storage tools such as water filter, and a water tank, to enable you to purify any water near your reach and to store it. Imagine drinking dirty or unfiltered water, and getting a water-borne pathogen in your system will not only make your trip miserable but could create further complications and problems that could become very serious over time.

As we all know water is very vital for emergency preparedness, you can only survive three days without water. And you probably know, it can be hard to get consistent and clean water in the situation of disaster. A person can’t depend on “running to a specific store” at the last minute or carrying all the portable water tanks you need. Drinking unfiltered water causes half of all the occupied hospital beds in the world and over two million deaths each year. Prepare tools of water filter and storage now and avoid the pain later.

Water filtration system can’t only be used during an adventure or long journeys but also vital for water affected by emergencies like grid failure or flooding, which might contain organisms that can make you very sick at the worst possible time. So always be prepared to have a water filter and storage system with you, all the time. Unfiltered water can be treated in a variety of ways such as by using a water filter, water chlorination, boiling the water and recapturing the steam (distillation), reverse osmosis, and afterwards, storing the water in water storage material.

Survival gear systems, recommend using water filters or purifiers for basic prepping needs because it’s the best way to quickly turn dirty water into drinkable water. You should always have at least two of the water filter and storage materials with you. Our team recommend keeping 16-24 oz (a normal water bottle), stored in your bag at all times, that way you have something to drink in the immediate aftermath.

When it comes to purchasing, high-quality water filter and storage gears at reasonable prices, Survival Gear Systems is your answer to all your problems. Just think of yourselves, what are the things, you can’t live without? First its food and second is water obviously, and other than that, a survival gear box containing all the essential survival gears that might need on your adventure. Remember, before selecting outdoor survival equipment’s for your survival kit, you need to understand the type of emergencies or disasters, you might face or encounter.

If you’re currently searching for high-quality authentic survival gears at reasonable prices then look no further and visit Survival Gear Systems. Survival Gear System is home of premium survival gears under one roof. Survival Gear Systems is a one-stop resource for preparing survival kit for your outdoor adventures. Our Survival gear team works day and night to find the highest quality survival and adventure gears, working directly with top professional manufacturers to provide the best quality and reasonable price to the customer. Currently, the brands we’re dealing with are Crown Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Go Berky, Sport Berkey, Life straw, Viqua, Wise, and many more brands in water filter and storage.

Survival Gear Systems was founded in August of 2017 and officially the website was launched in January 2018. The founders are Michael Semerad and Desiree Jones. Our team is professionally trained on all survival products and has close relationships with all manufacturers to assist customers in choosing the best survival products and survival systems as well as great technical support. Our office is located in Post Falls, Idaho. All of our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer and shipped from the manufacturer at the best cost. We offer free shipping in the 48 contiguous United States on most of our survival products and a price match guarantee. We answer the phones from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday at (866) 257-2978. We respond personally to emails and phone calls.

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