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Eldfell Pro Tent Stove


Comforting warmth in the harshest conditions. A prototype of Eldfell Pro Tent Stove was an essential and much appreciated member of the demanding Swedish expedition to Siberia in 2004–2005, called "the world's coldest journey".

 All technical features have been designed to fulfill demands for low weight, good functioning and strength.

The combustion chamber is 20 inches long and 10 inches wide to accept long, thick logs. The extendable insulation pipe protects the tent fabric even in strong winds. The spark arrester protects both the tent fabric and the surrounding area. In order not to sink down in snow, the legs have notches so they can be placed on poles.




Pro 15

Pro 9

Pro 7

Pro 5

Total Weight:

34 lbs

33 lbs

32 lbs

31 lbs

Packed Size

13x15x26 in

13x15x26 in

13x15x26 in

13x15x26 in

Height When in Use

20 in

20 in

20 in

20 in


Stainless Steel. Eldfell Tent Stove fits all Adventure tent sizes using the same stove body but different chimney lengths.


The Eldfell Tent Stove Box

Eldfell Pro Tent Stove comes in its own purpose made wooden box.



Key Features

With its efficient heat transmission, low weight, and easy handling, an Eldfell tent stove enables you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere, dry clothes, cook food – basically enjoy all the comforts of home.

Eldfell's sophisticated design includes a unique baffle that routes incoming air through the adjustable dial on the door, then down and under the grate for optimum air supply underneath the wood. Combustion gasses and heat are then drawn all the way to the back of the stove, and up and around another baffle, and finally on to the front where it exits out the chimney pipe.  This design, combined with the unique oval shape, causes combustion to take place nearer to the ground, creating more heat down low inside the tent. The baffle system creates a natural "hot spot" for cooking too, while also increasing stove efficiency and reducing wood consumption.

* An Eldfell tent stove loaded with pine or other fast burning wood can produce meaningful heat for 4+ hours. High quality hardwoods, if available, will hold heat and coals much, much longer.

* Eldfell's ingenious design enables all parts –chimney pipe sections, heat shield, wood grate, and spark arrestor - to fit inside the combustion chamber for packing and transport.

*The combustion chamber is a spacious 20 inches long and 10 inches wide to accept long, thick logs. This reduces wood cutting and enables less frequent refilling of the stove.

* Fast, easy assembly requires no tools.  All parts aside from the chimney are fixed to the stove, making assembly easier and minimizing the risk of losing any parts.

  • Everything fits inside the combustion chamber
  • Low weight
  • Cooking facility
  • Very safe
  • Stands on snow
  • Takes long, thick logs
  • No loose small parts
  • Efficient combustion


Despite extensive research and care in materials selection and workmanship, customer hereby acknowledges that nothing lasts forever.  Problems associated with normal wear & tear, abuse, or improper care will not be covered by the warranty.

The PRO version of the Eldfell wood burning tent stove is shipped in a lightweight plywood transport box designed to protect the stainless steel stove during the shipping process.  The plywood box itself is often subject to scratches, dents, and cracks beyond our control during the shipping process and is not covered by this warranty.  

Eldfell Pro Tent Stove



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