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Inergy Kodiak Predator Portable Solar Generator Silver Kit


If you're looking for easy to use off-grid power solutions but you want to avoid costly, complicated solar systems, this is the system for you. The Inergy Kodiak  Solar Generator is the most powerful, lightweight solar generator in its class. This kit comes with everything you need to power up in the case of power outage, off grid camping, RV power, and more. Take the generator with you and charge it in your car on trips for that extra power when you need it. 

Product Specs

  • Internal Battery Capacity: 1,100 Watts (90 Amps at 12.6 Volts)
  • AC Inverter: 1,500 Watts
  • Pure Sine Wave Input: 11-30VDC charging port up to 600W maximum.
  • AC Output: (6) 110VAC plugs, (1) 30 Amp RV plug. 1,100W (10 Amps) maximum continuous output per AC outlet
  • 3,000W starting surge maximum. 1,500 Watt total limit for combined AC output.
  • Pure sine wave inverter. DC Output: (2) 12VDC universal car sockets. 180 Watts (15 Amps) maximum output per socket. (4) USB outlets 5VDC, 1-2.1 Amp port & 1-1 Amp port regulated, 3.1 Amps maximum per adapter. (2) 12VDC Basecamp LED light ports, maximum 10 LEDs per port.
  • Each panel is a Predator 50 solar panel and they are connectable!
  • One panel can charge the Kodiak in about 32 hours




The Kodiak

  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Size: 16" x 15" x 8"

The Panels

  • Weight: 4 lbs/each
  • Size: 32" x 22" x 0.5"/each







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Inergy Kodiak Predator Portable Solar Generator Silver Kit

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